Texas White Pages, United States

Texas was originally an independent republic — after seceding from Mexico in 1836 — but was unable to resist anti-secession interventions by the Mexican government. So, in 1845, the republic negotiated admission into the Union and soon became one of the most prosperous states in America. Today, the state dominates farming and livestock production, as well as energy and technology. The Texas white pages is one of the largest in America. Here, you can find information about people by only using their phone numbers. Available information on the Texas white pages includes names, addresses, social media profiles, and public records. 

Texas At A Glance 

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  • Became A US State — December 29, 1845 (28th)
  • Capital: Austin
  • Population: 29.5 million (2021)
  • Size: 268,597 square miles (2nd largest)
  • Nicknames: Lone Star State
  • Motto: “Friendship”
  • State Tree: Pecan
  • State Flower: Bluebonnet
  • State Bird: Mockingbird

10 Quick Facts About Texas

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  • Texas organizes the largest fair in the United States — nearly 4 million people come to the Texas State Fair every year. 
  • The State Capitol is the largest in the US, and the main Capitol building is even taller than the US Capitol in Washington. 
  • Texas is called the Lone Star State because it was an independent state before joining the Union in 1845. It is also the only state to join the Union by negotiated treaty; other states joined by annexing their territories to the Union. 
  • Texas is home to the most diverse species of birds in the United States.
  • Texas is the foremost producer of wool in the US.
  • The state experiences the highest number of tornadoes every year. 
  • Dr. Pepper, the first soft drink in America, was invented in Texas in 1885.
  • The Texas power grid is independent of the national power grid.
  • Texas is home to the largest colony of bats in the world — Bracken Cave houses over 20 million bats.
  • Texas owns all of its public lands, and the state flag flies at the same level as the national flag.

Largest cities or towns in Texas

San AntonioFriscoRound Rock
Fort WorthMcKinneyMcAllen
El PasoAmarilloWaco
ArlingtonGrand PrairieMesquite
Corpus ChristiBrownsvilleOdessa